Kari Campano offers freelance assistance in the areas of marketing, public relations, and event planning to businesses and non-profit organizations in Fairfield County, Connecticut and Westchester County, New York. She works closely with her clients on a project-by-project or campaign basis and tailors her services to suit their varying needs. In addition to offering complete marketing assessments and targeted planning services, many of her clients need help in just one or two areas. Individual services offered include research, writing, design, planning, and/or execution of ads, press releases, websites, email newsletters, collateral materials, special events, and more. Ms. Campano also offers brainstorming sessions to business owners and marketing managers to create new and fresh options to generate business and to make sure companies are maximizing their current marketing efforts.

Today, there are many more marketing methods available to businesses than there were in the past with rapidly advancing digital marketing resources. In addition to her broad experience with traditional marketing methods, Kari Campano has educated herself and gained much experience in the area of online tools to spread marketing messages to both businesses and consumers on behalf of her clients. Establishing a strong web and social media presence is imperative in such a highly competitive marketplace and no business should be without a website which can be utilized in many ways. The internet and the use of mobile devices has made it possible for businesses to spread marketing messages faster and further and Ms. Campano has integrated digital marketing as one of her key services to help her clients to translate their marketing efforts to the online world.